What We Do For Consumers

What is a medication consultation?

It is a private uninterrupted meeting with a pharmacist.

- All of your medicines are reviewed: prescriptions, over-the-counter, vitamins, and now marijuana.

- A report is generated that can be shared with your doctor(s).

- You can call your PillHelp pharmacist anytime because he/she now has a clinical chart set up especially for you.

It is known as Medication Therapy Management or MTM.

WHY is a medication consultation necessary?

Too many people are over-medicated. Medicines are actually making them sick - from

  • Too many medicines.
  • Too many places.
  • Too many doctors.

Often the patient does not know that their suffering or discomforts can be caused by their medication.

Doctors and other prescribers can benefit from the support of a pharmacist.

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