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Q. Exactly what is PillHelp ®?

A. We are a growing network of pharmacists who help protect you from the negative effects of medications. We provide private time with you to discuss and problem solve your medicines.

We address your medication issues and questions with you. We combine all of your medicines and troubleshoot them to discover and avoid problems. We clarify confusing information and make sense of all the information that overwhelms you, including the internet.

Too many people are taking too many medications. This is hurting them. It is extremely costly - but avoidable.

Our pharmacists have decided that this is important enough to create a new kind of medical service - to help you PROTECT yourself.

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Q. Should I pay for the services of a consultant pharmacist?

A. Many people have been pleased, even surprised, by the clinical work pharmacists have provided while dispensing prescriptions. Imagine what they could do for you when they take the time to sit with you, in the office, as a house call, or in a FaceTime or Skype call. PillHelp℠ pharmacists do a full review of your medicines (all of them), regardless of where you bought them. They will discuss all of your questions. They will provide you with a plan for solving any issues that you have had or that are discovered during the visit. Following up with your doctor(s) to bring about change that is helpful to you is a normal activity for our pharmacists.

Since PillHelp, Inc. does not sell products, we provide you with our time and expertise to make you feel better.

Studies have shown that patients who receive our services consistently spend less money on their healthcare. Our services result in some combination of the following outcomes:

  • A decrease in the number of medications, including avoiding duplications.
  • A decrease in the cost of some of your medications.
  • An improvement in how you feel every day.
  • A decrease in the stress associated with managing your medications yourself. Our pharmacist can take the time you need to make decisions and answer your questions.
  • Avoided emergency room or hospital visits.
  • Avoided doctors’ office visits.

Medication problems are one of the most expensive causes of avoidable injuries. Fifty percent (50%) of patients do not take their medicine correctly. Thirty-three percent (33%) never get their prescription filled. PillHelp℠ can help you make the best decisions. We often collaborate with doctors to solve our patients' problems.

Each year consumers suffer from 8 million negative drug reactions, costing $290 Billion. The Institutes of Medicine (IOM) conservatively estimate the annual death toll is 7,000. And, they looked only at Medicare recipients in the early 2000’s before the Baby Boomers affected the numbers. Too many consumers are over-medicated. They get hurt and suffer needlessly.

Consumers of all ages take medications from a wide variety of sources. Remember, too, that all of the following can do good, but can also cause harm.

  • Prescriptions
  • Over-the-counter items
  • Vitamins
  • Herbs
  • Doctors' samples
  • Medicine from other countries
  • Marijuana
  • Recreational substances
PillHelp, Inc. is taking action. We are growing a national network of pharmacists to provide complete medication management and information services. Our proud motto is “PillHelp Protects!©”

PillHelp ℠ patients are safer, feel better, save money, and improve their use of medication.

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Q. Why haven’t I heard of these services?

A. Pharmacist consultations for individual consumers are fairly new - but growing. The older generation of pharmacists worked in pharmacies when profits were better and volume was lower. Consumers tended to patronize one pharmacy close to their home. Naturally that allowed pharmacists and patients to get to know each other. They had time to informally provide many medication management services at the pharmacy.

That is no longer the case. Pharmacists today fill two to three times more prescriptions per day than did previous generations. Add to that the pressures and interruptions of frequent phone calls, giving vaccines, insurance complications, etc. - it’s no wonder that they cannot give patients the time each deserves!

The current pharmacy environment is far from ideal for both the patient and the pharmacist. Pharmacist frustrated by this who have a passion for providing clinical services to their patients are breaking out to solve the problem.

Progress is being made. PillHelp, Inc. is an example.

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Q. I'm a member of a medical team. What can a consultant pharmacist do for me?

A. We can provide polypharmacy assessments, regimen reviews, pharmacological opinions, compliance coaching, and research specific to your needs. These services are economical for your patients and improve outcomes. Pharmacology consults (i.e., polypharmacy care plans), decrease risks from medications for your patients and you - as overseer of care.

Collaborative agreements are available. They are growing in popularity among medical practices and pharmacists. Protocols and agreements can be customized to fulfill any clinical objective.

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Q. What is "myPillHelp ℠" compared to office or house call service?

A. "myPillHelp ℠" is an inexpensive way to get a pharmacist to review all your medicines no matter where you get them - traditional, over-the-counter, herbals, samples, etc.. The assessment will be provided online. You will receive our assessment in a document called "PillHelp Works for Patients ℠“. The information is specific to your situation. You and your doctor can use the document as talking points to optimize therapy, to minimize risk, and decease the cost of your healthcare overall.

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Seminars are available - customized for you.

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