For Consumers

  • Too many people are over medicated. They suffer over 10 million severe drug reactions a year!

  • Combining prescriptions, supplements, and over-the-counter medicines is dangerous, wasteful, and very costly.

  • Our pharmacists are here to help.

  • We provide you with accurate medication information. There is too much unreliable information on line. What can you trust? What should you do?

  • The term for our care is Medication Therapy Management. We improve outcomes. Pharmacists are experts in pharmacology (the effects of medicines on the body).

  • Our services are available to everyone! Don't miss out. You have too much at stake. Biochemistry is too complicated.

  • See FAQs.

For Practitioners

  • We can improve outcomes by providing you with pharmacology consults.

  • It is important to us that our services dovetail smoothly and respectfully with the care that you provide.

  • We coordinate and communicate medication therapies between practitioners. This saves time and decreases liability.

  • We educate and coach patients, which improves adherence and helps you succeed.

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