• Consultation Cost: Please contact us about how you can benefit from this service and how much it will cost. Please fill our the Service Inquiry form below.

    We will never charge you for services that you have not authorized. We explain our ideas and the benefits you are likely to experience. We proceed if you accept and approve our description of care.

  • Typical First Visit: The average time for your first visit is one hour. You are encouraged to preregister on-line in order to save time and money: Preregistration Form .
  • myPillHelp: $125 This service is provided to you on-line. You receive a consultation in writing.

    You fill out the patient information form: myPillHelp. Our pharmacist will then reply by providing you with your consult in writing called PillHelp Works© for Patients.

  • Consumers' overall cost of healthcare decreases! Our advice and guidance often leads to fewer medications. We can work with your doctor(s) to suggest less expensive medication(s). We work with you and your doctor(s) to eliminate medication-caused problems, like interactions. Had a bed reaction? We can find alternatives. Our goal is to help you avoid suffering and costly interactions or side effects.

    The savings come from:

    • Avoided medications which saves you and your insurer money.
    • Avoided emergency room visits or hospital admissions - which are surprisingly common
    • Avoided physicians visits due to medication issues - also very common
    • Avoided lab work
    • Diminished suffering - which is the main reason most people reach out to us.

  • Travel Charge for House Calls: $60 within a 10 miles radius of the PillHelp pharmacist's office located at Apothicare-360 Pharmacy, 6631 Orion Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33912

  • Corporate or Special Projects: We enjoy special projects. Please contact us.

  • Subscription or Family Rates: We offer both - please contact us.

  • Contacting your PillHelp pharmacist after becoming our patient: There is No Charge to speak to your pharmacist anytime with quick questions, just like calling the drugstore except we have all of your medication information in front of us and can take the time with you that your question deserves.

    If a question is presented that requires an action by our pharmacist, then we will describe it and any associated fee. Of course, we apply fees only with your approval.

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