For Consumers

  • Combining prescriptions, vitamins, herbs, and over-the-counter medicines is dangerous.

  • Our pharmacists provide Medication Therapy Management & Information.

  • Too many consumers are over medicated - taking too many medicines from too many places without enough support or oversight.

  • Now you can hire your own Doctor of Pharmacy to review ALL of your medicines for safety, side effects, and waste including over-the-counter and herbals.

  • We interpret and apply medication information especially for you. We answer questions and provide personal information.

  • We help avoid and solve medication problems improving outcomes.

  • Our care is documented and provided to you in writing.

  • Manage your risk! Avoid over medciation. This is a huge issue. See FAQs.

For Practitioners

  • We provide you with consults like Cardiologists, Radiologists, Respiratory Therapists, etc. But ours are focused on Pharmacology. We are your pharmacology resource.

  • It is important to us that our services dovetail smoothly and respectfully with the care that you provide.

  • We coordinate and communicate medication therapies between practitioners.

  • Our consults are documented for your records.

  • We educate patients, which improves adherence and saves you time.

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