Examples of Care


  Affordable Medication Safety and Waste Reviews: myMEDcheckup

  Comprehensive Medication Therapy Assessments

  • Is over-medication a problem?
  • Is there anything less expensive that will work as well?
  • Are any medicatioins causing quality of life issues?

  Disease Management

  • Patient education - Knowlege is the best health insurance.
  • Coaching - for example, to quit smoking. Doctor of Pharmacy can design a plan just for you and help you succeed.
  • Work collaboratively with physician(s) to manage high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc.

  Educational Programs: for healthcare professionals, consumers, business functions, or social groups

  Problem solve adverse reactions

  Nutrition, Weight, and Other Wellness Issues: Call (239) 410 – 4323

  Hormone Replacement Therapy Management: Male & Female

  Pain Management Care Plans

  Withdrawal Care Plans

  Allergy Issues

  Vitamin and Herb information:

  • Which vitamins work and are safe - Which do not or are not.
  • What side effects can you expect?
  • Which are worth the money?

  Targeted Medication Problem Consults or Advocacy



  Polypharmacy Consults

  Disease Management

  Hormone Replacement Therapy Management: Female & Male

  Pain Management Care Plans

  Withdrawal Care Plans

  Alternative regimens

  Coordinate medication therapy between multiple practices

  If physician desires - Collaborative practice arrangements can be implemented



  Employee Medication Assessments – Great value added health care benefit.

  Health Care Seminars

  Eliminate avoidable sick days. Improve productivity and team quality of life! Request info. Excellent return on investment.